Over the last several days and planning ahead to this weekend, it’s wonderful to get onto the Sonoma State University campus for various events. This past weekend the Sonoma Film Institute showed Saint Misbehavin’ – The Wavy Gravy Movie which I saw for a second time on Sunday. Don’t miss it if you get an opportunity to see it yourself.

On Tuesday night/February 22nd, theoretical physicist Brian Greene spoke about superstring theory and related topics in the sold-out Person Theatre. Having seen his PBS Nova series and read The Elegant Universe, it was well worth the wait for his clear explanations about these complicated matters. Listening to him carefully helps us better understand what’s very difficult to comprehend about our cosmos.

This weekend through Sunday, Die Fledermaus (The Bat’s Revenge) concludes its run at the Person Theatre. Looking forward to seeing it as many recommendations have been heard from those who saw prior performances.

Unfortunately many of us tend to forget the vibrant campus culture that provides so many opportunities for “town and gown” interaction at Sonoma State University. Hope we can all find some time get onto the SSU campus soon, it’s well worth it.

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