According to Brett Wilkison’s recent report in The Press Democrat at least five candidates intend to campaign for the First District Sonoma County Board of Supervisors seat from which Valerie Brown will be retiring at the end of this year. Meanwhile, incumbent supervisors representing the Third District, Shirlee Zane, and Fifth District, Efren Carrillo, have both announced their intentions to run for another four-year term. Thus far their reelection campaigns have been unopposed, as no one else has entered either race as yet.

Plenty of time is available for any challengers brave enough to do so since the filing deadline of March 9, 2012 is still about two months away and there is even an extra day in February this year! Taking on any incumbent is certainly difficult with name recognition and campaign funding sources usually tipped heavily toward them. However, factors which may favor challengers in either of these districts include decisions detrimental to our county which both supported. The short list includes issuing $291 million in pension obligation bonds which will burden us for many years without solving the pension crisis and a 20-year extension of the county’s garbage hauling contract without competitive bidding.

It promises to be an interesting election year locally and throughout in California, with our primary election day on June 5, 2012 and vote-by-mail balloting beginning around May 7, 2012.


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