During a recent drive to Petaluma for a meeting had an opportunity to experience someone’s road rage, a topic more often addressed by Road Warrior than me. Having turned-off 101 at the first southbound exit, was waiting for the stoplight to change in order to make a right turn onto Petaluma Boulevard North. When the light changed to green a pedestrian entered the crosswalk, so I waited for her to safely complete the crossing, which was slow as she was apparently disabled.

The driver of the SUV behind me honked its horn incessantly throughout this process, perhaps believing that doing so would magically make her journey go more swiftly. After the woman in the crosswalk had cleared the intersection I promptly made the right turn whereupon the SUV screeched out from behind, dangerously passed my vehicle and was then barely able to stop at the Stony Point Road red light.

When I pulled-up behind her vehicle, its rear bumper sticker collection had me laughing out loud. It represented an impressive advice assortment, which based upon her driving behavior must have been principles espoused, but not personally followed. Most prominent was “coexist!”

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